Prolet OCD

Prolet OCD dance co.

Prolet OCD was founded by choreographer Margarita Trikka in 2016, after she created her first choreography, “Trajectory: a Tragedy of a Victory” with the help of good friends and colleagues. It was the result of the need to make official a beautiful cooperation and take it to the next level.

Trajectory: a Tragedy of a Victory premiered in Arc for Dance 2016 / Young Choreographers and pursued its path, with participations in Akropoditi Dance Festival 2016, Internationales Performance Festival 2017 (Mainz), Rematia Festival 2017, Masdanza Contemporary Dance Festival 2017 (Grand Canaria) and Masdanza Extension Tenerife. It was also presented in Polis theater, and invited at Garage of Performing Arts (Corfu) and at International Festival Agitart: Figueres es mou 2018.

In 2018 the company starts studying the human – collective and personal – defeat on which was based its second work, “Delenda est“; the 1st part of a trilogy on Defeat. This piece was presented for the first time at the 10th Arc for Dance Festival. “A Punch of Losers” is the 2nd part of the trilogy in co-production with Stegi of Onassis Foundation and the Ministry of Culture (funding for 2018-19). It premiered in the 6th Festival of Young Choreographers by Stegi of Onassis Foundation.

Prolet OCD focuses on the common ground where contemporary dance and theatrical code meet.

We appreciate form as a kinetic language and we focus on the relations developed between performers on stage. The company studies the kinetic and aesthetic depiction of different themes aiming at the humanization of form. We explore the tragic nature of human condition and its inherent ridiculousness. The main bonding element of the company is that its members perceive themselves as participants of a political condition which they’re willing to analyze and in which they want to engage. Basic part of the research, among others, is the study of political, philosophical and literary texts contributing significantly to the creative process.

Margarita Trikka

Margarita Trikka was born in Chalkis and lives in Athens. She is a professor, performer, choreographer and movement director for theater.

She has cooperated with choreographers and directors such as: Spyros Koyvaras /Synthesis 743, Chto Delat, Evi Souli/ Stereo Nero Dance Co, Stella Spirou Cie, Aerites / P. Apergi, Bread and Puppet Theater, A. Papadamaki, A. Lampiri/ ΜΑΝ company, Ha! theatre Ensemble, A. Gyra/ Kinitiras, M. Nestora /Yelp!, F. Korrou, Ε. Farrel, V. Koukalani, G. Paloumpi, E. Fanariotis, K. Papakonstantinou, S. Karagianni, G. Chatzaki, M. Kilakos, D. Bogdanos among others.

She has cooperated with organizations and festivals such as: Onassis Stegi, Alternative Stage of Greek National Opera, National Theater, Athens Concert Hall Megaron, Hellenic Theater/Drama Education Network, Chalkis Theater, Festival Danza Urbana Bolognia, Festival Ammutinamenti Ravena, Agitart: Figueres es mou, Trayectos Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea, Cádiz en Danza, La Fundicion Bilbao, Masdanza International Contemporary Dance Festival, Fast Forward, Arc for Dance, Akropoditi Dance Fest, Athens Video Dance Project , MIR festival, Dimitria Festival, Aeschylia Festival, Bob Festival among others.

For the last 13 years, she teaches contemporary dance and improvisation at dance studios and drama schools, social hubs and institutions such as Griffon studio, studio Corporal, Krama artspace, Dan.c.ce, Duncan Dance Research Center, Quasistellar, Seresta, Horos, Theater of Changes, Koridallos prisons etc.

She has worked in the private sector and at the Gialino Music Theater, teaching contemporary dance, music and movement as well as drama games. From 2017 up to this day, she teaches Dance History at the Higher Professional Dance School “A. Petrova – M. Marmarinou”. In 2018 she carried out a dance workshop at the summer camp of the Hellenic Theater/Drama Education Network.

Founding member of Prolet OCD dance co (2016), she choreographed the works ”Trajectory: a Tragedy of a Victory” , ”Delenda est” and “Punch of Losers” with which she participated in dance festivals all over Greece and abroad: Young Choerographers Festival // Onassis Stegi, Arc for Dance Festival, Akropoditi Dance Festival, Agitart: Figueres es mou, Rematia Festival, Internationales Performance Festival (Mainz, Germany), Masdanza Contemporary Dance Festival 2017 (Las Palmas & Tenerife, Canary Islands) among others; and in a Residency at Lo Studio (Swisserland). The company was awarded funding by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture (2018-19).